Sri Lanka as a Luxury Destination

Sri Lanka has been hailed a Paradise on Earth by the early explorers, traders etc. It was filled with expensive pearls, elephants, gems, cinnamon, etc. and was considered a destination where a King’s Luxury needs can be fulfilled easily.

That was in the past, Today Sri Lanka is slowly turning into a Luxury Destination for tourists, business travelers, entrepreneurs, etc. with its ever expanding skylines, high rises, hotels, reclaimed beach fronts.

In this article series we will be looking at three verticals of Luxury which can found in contemporary Sri Lanka starting of living.


Luxury Living!

Sri Lanka is becoming hub for Luxury Real Estate with investment projects from India, China, Singapore and many more countries involved. Some of the most ambitious projects are listed below;


Altair Colombo
Altair (Photo Credit Altair Website)

Altair – This is arguably the most iconic building project in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This building is shaped as a capitalized letter A and designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie who also designed Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands project.  For more information visit the project website.


Cinnamon Life
Cinnamon Life (Photo Credit Cinnamon Life Website)

Cinnamon Life – This is said to be a city within the city of Colombo, with Luxury Hotel, Luxury Apartments, Luxury Workspaces integrated together in a 4.5 million square foot area in the heart of the city. The architect of this ginormous project is Cecil Balmond who has designed many iconic buildings around the world. For more information visit the project website.


Marina Square
Marina Square (Photo Credit Marina Square Website)

Marina Square – Another Luxurious Condominium with five towering buildings which is integrated to have all amenities and scintillating views of the sea. This project is intended to be not just a space for living but for also an active lifestyle. For more information visit the project website.


There are many more projects such as Ritz Carlton Residencies Colombo, Capitol Twin Peaks, etc. not to forget the Port City Project which are also worth mentioning and to be excited about. It is obviously going to be a Luxurious future for Sri Lanka from year 2020 onwards. In coming articles we will talk about other aspects of Luxury in Sri Lanka.

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